Modern world is changing rapidly driving people to be in hurry to reach more goals than they can afford. Everybody seeks for happiness though the meaning of happiness vary for different social groups.

Unfortunately, there are not so many of us who can claim to be really happy. Most of the pictures provided above are just one-time moments of someone’s lifes frozen in time on the picture. People attach the meaning of happiness to moments of life when they reach some goals or obtain some things. Not so many can actually feel happiness for a long period of time.

sad disapointment

It’s sad to say that people lose themselves in this pursuit of better life and become stressed, nervous, unhealthy and even despaired.

There is a solution out of this trap. You must learn to feel yourself happy. It is a condition inside of you which doesn’t depend on your personal havings, social status or health. Learn how to love yourself without conditions, how not to deceive yourself, how to admit the perfectness of your body and the life will change. Even bad health can be restored ignoring the worst medical diagnosis.


A key to happiness is an ability to live in balance with the world. It’s an ancient knowledge that wasn’t lost in history. It’s a feeling inside of you that tells that you have everything you really want, you do everything you really want to do, you don’t want to be someone, you already are.