Hello, guest! My name is Pavel. I am here to share my experience about some aspects of life which are badly known to most people in modern society. Such concepts as “Spiritual”, “Karma”, “Bioenergy”, “Healing” are treated as religious thus people don’t know how to apply them in their life until they have true faith. Even this doesn’t mean it will work for them as expected, however understanding is required for personal growth and happiness.

In recent years I have been investigating approaches to good health and happier life, including :

  • upgrowth of conscious level
  • developing of emphaty and emotional intelligence
  • working with psychotechnics and remote vision
  • resolving of karmic bonds
  • researching body-knowledge like kinesiology, accupuncture, etc.
  • learning yoga and bioenergy tricks

These techniques allow to resolve life problems wherein ordinary approach doesn’t work :

  • Chronic condition or disease
  • Psychic conditions like stress, depression, fear, etc.
  • Continuous life problems
  • Relationship problems : man and woman, child and parents, business partners, etc.
  • and many other…

I am handling sessions to help find the way out of mind blocks. Dissolving these blocks uncover hidden resources which allow to feel free, strong, beautiful, creative, healthy, happy, and finally make a major change in the life.