How to make money


In this article I will try to address the issues of making money and receiving and using money in general. This also applies to related issues, such as:

  • Where to get / make money?
  • How to get a lot of money?
  • Where does the rich get a lot of money?
  • Why am I poor / rich?

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Way to be useful and help contribute to society


Everything is in order in the world at any given time!

Social programming lays the foundations for the existence of society. Many things are idealized and declared necessary for a person to feel comfortable in society. For example, family, job, relationships, children, worship of religion, ancestors. The absence of these things imposes on people shame, guilt, fear of being rejected by society. In addition to this, the current political system imposes its limitations through slogans and political morality.

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Medieval suffering


Not so long ago, the Suffering Middle Ages community appeared on the VKontakte social network. Thanks to the development of the Internet, people got the opportunity to look into their own history. Later, on the basis of the information received, the book “The Suffering Middle Ages” was published. The community and the book gained popularity due to the unique illustrations found in the preserved medieval books and manuscripts.

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