How to live 1000 years


In this article, I do not seek to consider a recipe for increasing life duration up to 1000 years, although according to legends there were sages who were able to live so much.

On the contrary, I want you to ask yourself a question:

Why should I live so much?

Many people notice that with age, time begins to go faster. In childhood, everything was interesting and lasted a long time. The anticipation of something interesting mesmerized and aroused interest in life. Then the person fell on standard rails:

School -> University -> Work -> Family -> Old age

Life become more familiar with age. Getting up in the morning, a person already knows how the current day will go. Someone knows how tomorrow / week / month / year and more will go. With age, the confidence of “knowing” tomorrow become stronger. The expected events no longer bring such pleasure as in childhood.

And now a man by the age of 40, having a certain job and occupation, knows almost exactly what awaits him in the future. The future is almost planned.

Why would a person slow down time if he has already planned everything and is in a hurry to fulfill the plan?

So time for a person begins to accelerate.

What if you lived 1000 years?

  • Would you work 800 years at your favorite job / occupy your favorite position, or would you climb to it 800 years on the career ladder among managers of the n-th level?
  • Have you traveled the world for 500 years? (I think during this time unexplored places on Earth would simply not remain)
  • Would live with one family or periodically get married / divorced

If this is not enough, you can give yourself 10,000 years or more, if only you had time to do everything that you planned.

What if today is the last day of your life? Is it possible to start living today or leave for later? Do you need 1000 years to do what you want to do today?

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