How to make money


In this article I will try to address the issues of making money and receiving and using money in general. This also applies to related issues, such as:

  • Where to get / make money?
  • How to get a lot of money?
  • Where does the rich get a lot of money?
  • Why am I poor / rich?

Most of these issues are quite popular in society and cause a lot of controversy and discussion.

Meaning of money

The generally accepted value of money is an equivalent that serves as a measure of the value of any goods and services, capable of exchanging directly for them. In its form, money can be a special commodity, a security, a sign of value, various goods or values, or records on accounts.

This is an economic concept accepted in society. Now consider the metaphysical essence of money, what is the meaning of money exchange at the subtle level.

Money is energy. Through people, subtle forces manifest energy and solve their problems. The most important thing a person has is his attention. Where attention goes, energy flows there. But, the source is also important – from where this energy is directed. The source is what the person is currently serving( egregore ) . The source is far from indifferent to what the energy is spent.


The purpose and meaning is in the action itself, in the realization of energy, and not for the sake of anything. If a person tries to find any motivation and goal outside, becoming attached to the result, then he begins to serve not what he does, but something else. Often, a person tries to drive the direction of the flow into those caused by previous experience (and various prejudices – that which has not been verified by personal experience, but was accepted as truth. Prejudices put artificial invisible walls on the person’s path that he regularly strikes against being able to pass ) framework without feeling its movement. As a result, it disconnects from the previous source and connects to a new one.

Incorrect use of energy can lead to the fact that a person loses touch with this source, energy ceases to be released. Therefore, it is important to observe your attention, to be aware of where and where it is going from. If the source is disconnected from the person, then the person may feel that support has gone, new ideas have ceased, and all that he is trying to do with an effort of will is a template and an empty one that is useless to anyone, there is nothing important in it. To create something important and connect to high sources, sometimes it is necessary to accumulate potential, because there is not enough energy constantly wasted in the course of a person’s normal life – his attention is scattered over a thousand things.

Where to get the money?

From the point of view of society, money is a medium of exchange. There are 3 main sources of money in your pocket:

  • Exchange for a product, service or any value (personal time, information, …);
  • Receive as a gift / find on the street / win the lottery;
  • Pick up by force (deception, robbery, extortion, …);

In fact, all 3 points represent an exchange, although points 2 and 3 are an unobvious exchange.

The person who received the money as energy from the sky seems to be transferring this energy-money anyway, or he gave it earlier and received a refund. If someone takes money by force, then he will give it away anyway, either lose it, or will be taken away from him by force.

Thus, the healthiest way to receive money is an equivalent exchange. Set your psyche to negotiate with people in an equal way: how much I give, so much I receive and vice versa. So you will have the necessary basis for earning. And then do whatever you like, a huge number of ways, the main thing is that you should like your way.

Why I can’t make money?

Each case must be considered individually, since there may be thousands of options. However, most of them come down to the issue of unequal exchange. A person cannot receive or give equivalently, or does not want to give or receive. He may consider this dishonest, immoral, and so on. Therefore, there are beliefs like “the rich profit from the poor”, “in an honest way you won’t earn much.” Very often, the hint is that earning a lot is a shame. A great contribution to this idea is made by political and religious systems.

You need to learn how to overcome internal prohibitions and beliefs that prevent you from being rich and making a lot of money.

A good example would be to consider this system in terms of animal instincts.

Set yourself up for getting money

Imagine that you are a predator who has obtained food for himself. Part you ate, and part buried for the future, to hide from others. You are used to it and do the same thing all your life. Or maybe you are a herbivore and graze in a certain area where there is not as much vegetation as you would like. The attitude of the animal to food is similar to the attitude of man to money. Think about what animal you look like in this regard.

Now make a choice to change.

A human has freedom of choice, although many have lost it and are not at all aware of it, or they always choose from undesirable options. Even if you do not see a way out of the situation, then decide to find it. Change your attitude to money as a source of survival. You are no longer an animal. Your source of survival does not end. Money is energy that has no beginning and no end.

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