Inner balance


One of the most important prerequisites of inner balance is male-female energy interaction in the body. Yin and yang , ida and pingala, X and Y chromosomes in many cultures this is the way to represent the connection between feelings and logic, spiritual and material. If your energies are balanced then you have good health and mental condition, your life is happy.

On the contrary, unbalanced condition appears as situation when one is using the other. This is the common picture of poor balance in an average person. It can be exploitation, mocking, blaming, shaming, contempt, tyrany when one part of personality attacks the other. Even so this is also balance, but crippled, painful and unhealthy for the poor person.

Alignment of energies

The aim here is to find a position where male and female parts can support each other. The whole person become balanced and healthy. Male part support and hears to female allowing it to be stronger and produce wishes and wants for materialization. Female part is feeling her strength being physically weaker than male but protected and supported bu it. Therefore this is the scheme of inner balance to be one with your self.

Method to balance yourself

For this purpose, one can ask a question of a method to become balanced. Well, it is hard enough to hear the will of each inner part of you because each male and female part can be divided to submale/subfemale part and so on. Over the ages there was a practice of balancing yourself with the help of partner of opposite sex. There are many points of view on why people make families. In particular when they are in love, want to have children, for safety, just for sex, for survival. There is another idea that can be added here. So that they help each other grow spiritually and balance each other. Inner female part of the man is projected on the personality of his woman and vice versa. In brief, relationships in your life represent your inner relationships of energies. Keeping love in your relationships makes you balanced.

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