Matrix of consciousness


Most people in the modern world live in a matrix. Matrix is ​​an artificial world in which these people live and interact. Relationships of people pass according to predetermined scenarios. These scripts are as if programmed. Each person plays a role.

Modern science insists that reasonable man is the pinnacle of evolution. However, most of the motives and reactions of man come from animal instincts and emotional outbursts. The so-called instincts are actually the matrix.

Mind programming

Matrix is ​​a self-developing program. It exists throughout the entire history of human evolution. It is based on the identification of a person with himself and his body as a separate person. Groups of people united by race and territory form group collective matrices. All collective matrices form a single matrix of humanity.

In most cases, the matrix is ​​mentioned as something negative. This is due to the lack of understanding of people about the principle of its functioning, as well as artificial influences on the matrix of ruling structures for ruling people’s minds. As a result, global distortions were introduced into the matrix throughout the entire history, due to which the lives of many people turned into torment.

How to get out of the matrix

As already mentioned, the matrix is ​​based on the belief that “I am a person with my desires and beliefs,” and the world around is built on the idea of ​​the theory of evolution, where the strongest survive and the main task is running away from death. It is impossible to completely leave the matrix, as this is the only thing that keeps you in this world. You can change your function by increasing your level of awareness and clearing your karma. So you get rid of the distorted effect of the matrix. The negative side of all this is the need to let go of many values that brought you the pleasure of being a person, such as pride, envy, vanity, deception. Are you ready to go for it?

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