Meteor shower. Esoteric meaning.


On the night of August 13-14, 2019 meteor shower is expected. Not all inhabitants of the planet will be able to observe it, nevertheless this phenomenon is interesting enough to draw attention to it. Do not be afraid, we will not have armageddon with fire from the sky. This is a couple of shooting stars associated with the passage of the Perseid stream.

The Perseid meteor shower appears annually in August from the side of the Perseus constellation and is formed as a result of the passage of the Earth through a plume of dust particles released by the Swift-Tuttle comet. The smallest particles the size of a grain of sand burn in the atmosphere of the planet and thereby form a “meteor shower”. The event runs from July 17 to August 24, the peak of activity of which usually falls on August 12.

The spiritual meaning behind meteor showers started in ancient times. Objects or lights in the sky were associated with Gods or had a religious meaning. Specifically, seeing a meteor suggested that a gift was given by heaven. It often represented a mystery coming from the something larger than ourselves, the cosmos. A meteor represented awareness of recognition of something beyond our present experience. Some see it as a soul or spirit. Whatever one imagines it as, tends to become their reality.

In terms of knowledge of stones and crystals, a meteor is also included in this category and is a universal information carrier. Thus, it can be assumed that meteor showers will bring with them something new. Therefore, this information will affect the development of the planet.

Meteorite samples

Currently, many cultures consider meteor showers to have supernatural powers. They represent the energy of other worlds. Grab a blanket and a comfortable chair and go to a place where there are no visual obstructions and watch the majestic celestial fireworks.

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