Understanding in relationships


Understanding is one of the core essentials of any relationships, especially when it comes to Love. Verbal communication is not the main requirment because people can understand each other without it. First of all, understanding is influenced by emotional aspect. People can’t fully understand together. They are connected only partially on the points of touch where their mental and emotional auras match. Connected people extend their auras making one bigger common aura. This phenomenon is knows as rapport in psychology.

Love in relationships

The process of communication seeks to balance auras in some manner. If balance is possible, people can contact. If balance can’t be found, people will not understand each other and maybe never meet. If you can’t find how to understand someone, you should learn how to evolve spiritually. The more a person is developed spiritually the more contact points he can find with other person. As a result, you will have a possibility to create relationships with a person who you love but got ignored. As a consequence, you may lose interest in that person. This is because you obtain new meaning of life when you grow spiritually. Meanwhile emotional love is close to insanity bound to some convictions.

What love would you choose?

Pain in relationships

Few people understand where true contact happens. Looking from the point of common aura the communnication is always balanced. Meanwhile, on the personal level it can be suffering on one or both sides. It is when one side harms the other and doesn’t understand it. People cant find the way out of this mess and can live like this for ages. On the mental level they can describe this like flaws of the partner while on the energy level it is just too much pressure on the one side and weakness on the other or some turbulences and knots in energy flow. Again, one can throw away his energy to the other and blame that he/she sucks energy naming that person as energetic vampire. Funny enough to watch such behavior from the side, because people don’t understand what they are doing. In fact, it is possible that someone is true energetic leech. In this case it will be obviously visible, so most people will avoid that person with the exception of thouse who subconsciously feel themselves as victim or guilty.

How to escape bad relationships

Frequently, one can’t find the way out of bad relationships because of mental programs, which make this situation obligatory. On the other hand, person may be subconsciously guilty or feel joy of bad relationships. It is hard to find the exact answer because, in sum, it is the extraction of the whole experience recorded in karma plus current social programs. It is possible to make a change learning a new model of relationships through energy balancing so unconsciousness catch the new model and begin to test and practice it in the life. Sudden changes are possible but in most cases there should be a long period to apply new changes in the life and get successful results. Consequently the faith will come that this is possible. Every good or bad experience hangs on faith. By learning a new way to balance with others you balance with yourself. You understand yourself better.


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