Way to be useful and help contribute to society


Everything is in order in the world at any given time!

Social programming lays the foundations for the existence of society. Many things are idealized and declared necessary for a person to feel comfortable in society. For example, family, job, relationships, children, worship of religion, ancestors. The absence of these things imposes on people shame, guilt, fear of being rejected by society. In addition to this, the current political system imposes its limitations through slogans and political morality.

For example, in Germany, at the World War II, nationalism was welcomed, hard physical work was considered good form in the USSR, and the seal of shame was imposed on wealth and private property, in the Muslim world jihadism calls for the killing of all infidels. Political propaganda with its hidden motives is aimed at controlling others and controlling minds. For which of these societies should I be useful?

To get out of this system, you need to recognize that everything is in order in the world at any given time, you need to stop trying to “control life situations or others for their own good.” One has to let go of the desire to be right and carry the fictional price to society. In reality, no one’s desire or value system is valuable to society. The world is neither bad nor good, nor right, nor wrong. It does not exist at all. It is a projection of your mind. The brain chooses the clues that he likes and constructs the ideal society for itself, in which he tries to shove the people around him.

The favorite habit of the mind is the frequent use of hypothetical facts or someone’s opinions as a source for arguments or doubts. For example, when a person lives in an imaginary society and wants to be useful, he tries to find himself serving in that society. In this case, the brain constructs a virtuoso series of concepts and excuses, just to prove that he is right and a different point of view is impossible. Being right is a form of pride, on which the motives of human actions rest. Ego mind can equate admitting a mistake to death. Therefore, few will be able to look at themselves and draw some kind of conclusion.

So in order to benefit the society and the world, nothing needs to be done. Your world is a product of your mind. This world is always changing. The society for which you want to be useful can change so quickly that your actions will begin to cause harm. Moreover benefits and harms are subjective concepts. In general, better ask yourself the question: why I want to be useful to society?

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